About Us

  Trio Trading - your specialty sunglass manufacturer.


  Founded by three brothers, Trio Trading has forged it's reputation of excellence through intricately manufacturing and supplying our sunglasses accross the globe. As one of today's leading sunglass manufacturers, we offer one of the largest collections of ready-to-buy styles for 2019.

  With styles ranging from high-end fashion wear to everyday driving & sporting shades; Trio Trading has manufactured a product tailored to fit each business's specific needs & market.

  Now located across three continents, the founding brothers continue to set the bar, rapidly deploying new ideas, prototypes and strategies to stay ahead of competetion in the fashion world -- from ‚Äúconception to distribution‚ÄĚ.


  With our wide range and careful eye for value, Trio Trading has been able to be your specialty sunglass manufacturer, importer and wholesale supplier for over 8 years - and our mission still remains - to provide today's top selection of marketable sunglasses & supplies at unbeatable prices; fit for your location and demographic.

  Browse our 2019 sunglass collection in our Online Catalogue.

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